Our Work

A small sample of the different jobs we have done and what we can do for you.
Augmented Reality Restaurant Menu

Augmented Reality Mobile-Friendly Restaurant Menu

We've created a fully customizable menu for a restaurant chain that incorporates augmented reality 3D models of each dish, enhancing customer interaction.

Big Data Real Estate Investment Analysis

Fully automated real-time investment analysis from multiple online sources.

Creation of a comprehensive big data infrastructure to incorporate large amounts of data from multiple real estate sources, such as real estate agencies, aggregators, and other public information. Analyze investment opportunities in real time and send automated signals to make early investment decisions.

Blockchain Supply Chain Traceability

Private Blockchain for Complete Traceability of the Multi-Tier Supply Chain

DarkRockMountain implemented a private blockchain system using Hyperledger Fabric to enable manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to trace goods and verify their authenticity at each stage of the supply chain.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Customer behavior analysis for a service company to optimize interaction and retention.

By analyzing customer interactions on the application (both mobile and web), as well as the helpdesk, we modeled customer behavior for our client to better classify customers, optimize sales, and understand churn and attrition.

Flash Delivery Optimization

Real-time route optimization for logistics companies using data science and AI.

Combining real-time traffic information with GPS maps, we have created a software solution to optimize multi-stop routes, reduce operating costs, and improve response time, especially for perishable goods.

Market Loyalty App

Application for food halls to build customer loyalty and analyze purchasing behavior.

Mobile and web application designed to build customer loyalty. Through personalized offers, recipe suggestions, and customer interaction analysis, we increased customer visits to points of sale and optimized product offerings.


Android app that allows you to use electronic passes for boarding flights, accessing the cinema, redeeming coupons, and much more!

PassHolder is the only app capable of displaying passes on both smartphones and smartwatches (Wear OS, Samsung Watch, Garmin ConnectIQ, and Fitbit), allowing you to use them conveniently anywhere.

Tourist Segmentation

Big data project to classify travelers by profile using social networks and personalize service offerings.

By using advanced machine learning procedures, we identified new and diverse categories of tourists using data extracted from social media interactions. This allows hotel chains to personalize their offers and increase customer satisfaction.