AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting is a proven way to get expert guidance on leveraging AI technologies and effective AI integration into business operations.

At DarkRockMountain, we develop customized AI systems using advanced technologies such as machine learning models and natural language processing. Our solutions enhance enterprise process management, improve efficiency, and elevate customer experiences. We specialize in chatbots, predictive analytics, and image recognition. Let us transform your business with our AI development services.

Combining our holistic expertise in ML, data science, RPA, and big data, we provide a comprehensive range of artificial intelligence services to help businesses integrate AI into their processes and workflows and scale it across the organization to maximize its value.


  • Use case identification
  • Data mapping and quality assessment
  • Existing solution audit
  • Advisory with initial project setup
  • Development process review
  • ROI analysis
  • Solution architecture design
  • Tech stack selection
  • Project budgeting
  • MVP conceptualization
  • Risk management strategy creation
  • User training and support


  • ETL/ELT pipeline setup
  • Data pre-processing (cleansing, annotation, transformation)
  • AI algorithm selection
  • AI model training
  • Development process review

AI Solutions We Create:

AI realizes substantial value via increasing productivity through automation, improving decision-making, and enhancing customer experience. Solutions that DarkRockMountain delivers embrace the latest AI developments to innovate and improve operational workflows, maximize user value, and enable innovative business models:

Advanced data analytics

Software designed to handle data aggregation, processing, and analysis tasks, produce accurate forecasts on the required variables, and provide intelligent prescriptions on the optimal decisions.

Business automation

Software that employs leading machine learning and deep learning techniques to automate even the most complex business operations end to end, from data intake to decisioning and action taking.

Computer vision

Software that automatically captures and interprets information from image and video data and can enforce user-defined actions when certain visual patterns are detected.

Speech recognition

Software used to process audio signals and interpret human speech; it can initiate particular actions upon voice commands and support human-like voice communication.

Conversational AI

Software that relies on natural language processing (NLP) and ML to understand and process human language and instantly generate responses that are accurate and relevant to the conversation.

AIoT applications

Software that combines the capabilities of AI, IoT, and big data to enable the creation of smart machines that can interact with other systems, self-tune, and make decisions with no to little human involvement.

AIOps solutions

Software that leverages various types of AI technologies to streamline and improve the management of IT operations and DevOps environments.

Generative AI

Solutions that can produce new forms of creative content (text, images, 3D models, audio, video, computer code) based on specified parameters.

AI services delivery pipeline

  • 1

    Business analysis

    After framing your needs and assessing your current tech ecosystem, we help you decide where and if it makes sense to invest in AI instead of conventional development. We also define your future solution’s functional and non-functional requirements.
  • 2

    Initial data analysis

    We perform an exploratory analysis to map available data sources and assess their reliability. These can include corporate data assets owned by the customer and public databases.
  • 3

    Solution design

    Based on our technical and business evaluation, we select a suitable tech stack, design the product’s architecture, and define an implementation plan. We can also provide a PoC to ascertain the feasibility, economic viability, and potential limitations of the solution.
  • 4

    Building the AI solution

    We carry out data pre-processing, which includes data cleansing, annotation and transformation. Then, we establish the solution’s evaluation criteria and train an AI model via supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement approaches. We can build an ensemble of AI and machine learning models to make sure we achieve the desired output.
  • 5

    Model integration and deployment

    We integrate the trained model into the software architecture to power any AI-based modules and functionalities with the model’s output. Then, we deploy the AI solution on-premise or in a cloud-based environment.
  • 6


    We provide ongoing support, maintenance, and regular updates according to DevOps best practices. This includes fine-tuning the accuracy of the AI model output by retraining the solution with new data sets.
  • Targeted investment

    Our AI experts will help you identify the most profitable artificial intelligence use cases to invest in, along with the most suitable tech stack to build your future solution.

  • Optimized project planning

    A team of AI consultants can expertly define an optimal development and adoption roadmap, including timeline, budgeting, team composition, and iterations.

  • Faster deployment

    By complementing your in-house expertise with external consultants, you’ll be able to launch your AI project faster and speed up rollout without hiring and training new talent.

  • Risk mitigation

    Supported by an AI consulting firm, you’ll minimize the technical and business-related risks of AI adoption, such as data bias, ML model drift, low accuracy, or non-compliance.

Techs & Tools we are proficient in:

Programming languages

  • .Net

  • C++

  • Golang

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Kotlin icon


  • Php

  • Python

  • Qt

  • Rails

  • Rust

  • Scala

  • Swift icon



NoSQL Databases
  • Apache HBase

  • Apache Nifi

  • Cassandra

  • MongoDb

  • Neo4j

  • Redis

SQL Databases
  • MicrosoftSQL

  • MySql

  • Oracle

  • PostgreSQL


  • AWS - Amazon Web Services


  • Microsoft Azure


  • DigitalOcean


  • Google Cloud


  • IBM Cloud


Big Data

  • Apache Spark

  • Apache Storm

  • Confluent

  • Databricks

  • Hadoop

  • Hive

  • Kafka

  • Snowflake

Machine learning & Data Science

  • Alteryx

  • Apache Mahout

  • Keras icon


  • Mathworks icon


  • OpenCV

  • PyTorch icon


  • logo--r-script


  • Scikit-learn


  • SpaCy

  • TensorFlow icon


  • Theano


CI/CD & Automation
  • Ansible

  • CircleCI


  • file_type_cloudfoundry

    Cloud Foundry

  • GitHub Actions

    GH Actions

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Jenkins

  • Packer

  • Tekton


  • Terraform

  • Travis CI

  • Apache Mesos

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • logo--openshift


  • Datadog icon


  • Grafana

  • Prometheus icon


Security & Testing
  • Gremlin


  • HashiCorp Vault

  • selenium


  • Snyk icon



  • EOS

  • Ethereum

  • Graphene

  • Hyperledger

  • Solana

Development tools & languages
  • OpenZeppelin


  • file_type_solidity


  • Vyper

  • Waffle

Front & Back End Frameworks

  • angular


  • Astro


  • django


  • Flask

  • Flutter

  • Gatsby

  • GraphQL

  • Hugo

  • Next.js

  • Node.js

  • React


  • Vue.js